Tis the season for pizza and beer – December is here! We are so excited to celebrate Christmas with you all at our venues. If there was ever a time of year where drinking a few beers (every day) seemed acceptable and craving that hot warm stone baked pizza in this miserable weather.. it is now. SO, listen up buttercup, if you’re looking for a Christmas party venue and you are over tini tiny canapes, over crowded spaces and same old prosecco receptions then look no further. We have some amazing private rooms, kitted out with your own bar, toilets, games table, shuffle board – the list goes on! We’ve even managed to find a way to make a Brussel sprout taste good – chuck it on a pizza with some bacon and layer on that cheese; Bingo – you’ve nailed it. On the flip side, if you just wanna go for a pint and a bite to eat and feel like if you see one more party hat up in your grill you’re gonna make some bad decisions then get yourselves over here. The pizza ovens stay open until you cant eat anymore and the tanks never run dry. So let’s have a Merry Tankmas all together this December and enjoy the real good times on tap with T+P.

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