We are days away now from opening the doors to our new Tank & Paddle – the third one to the family! One of the best parts to opening a new bar is the training on the run up! The teams at T&P are the most important part in helping us deliver the best customer service and we love them all to be tanked up on beer knowledge and pizza puns! Last week we officially met our new brew crew and they are absolutely cracking. Really engaged, friendly and already so invested in to the Tank & Paddle brand! The food cook off went down a treat as predicted where they all got to see and try our entire menu as well as the competitor visit bar crawl, which involved beer tasting and experience local customer services that are offered on the bar and restaurant scene! Tomorrow we are taking them over to the Meantime Brewery tour in Greenwich for a private tour where they get to learn all about our infamous Tank beer and what makes it taste so god damn good! One more week to go of training these tankers until their ready to go (and they’re already so excited to meet their new customers!!). See you all soon!

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