The Challenge

If you have seen our sharing pizzas, you will know that this is not a food eating challenge to take lightly! The aim is to gobble down a YARD long pizza of your choice and a Mac 'n' Cheese in just 15 minutes. It's just £20 to enter at any of our venues and we even include tap water in that price as well. Lose? We'll keep your money and no doubt think a little less of you.. but WIN and become an official Doughminator, get double your money back as a bar tab, a t-shirt you should wear proudly and your face up on our wall of champs! Come and have a go if you think your hard enough!

Tips (Don't Say We Told You)

So we know everyone has their own plan of attack for this challenge - some say don't eat for a few days, some bulk out with 6 meals a day for a week.. You do you! What we will say is this; Don't order beer or fizzy drinks, water is the one. Keep up the pace - 15 minutes is not long and speed is key! Prep your food guys.. we give you as much time as you want to let your food cool down, make it into a giant mac 'n' pizza burrito, cut it into one mouthful slices - we don't care what you do but just use your time for eating! Let's be smart about this. And finally, when you hit that inevitable dough wall, pull your big boy pants up and smash right through it like the champ you are!

The Record

Many have tried and many have failed but there are some champs out there! The standing record is an incredible 6 MINUTES 20 SECONDS! How that is even possible I'm not sure. There was focus in his eyes and very little breaths taken and he was an absolute champ in every sense of the word. It's a tough time to beat but we know there is someone out there who can do it in 6 minutes. Is it you?

What's On!

It's time to step up the heat, there's a lot here to eat , and hardly no time, we trust you'll be fine. Just give it a go, it's simply just dough, choose when you can come and let's have some fun!