Private Hire at Bishopsgate

Tank & Paddle Bishopsgate is home to a secret gem on their mezzanine level offering a tanktastic room for private hire. Amazing central location between Liverpool Street and Shoreditch High Street stations; perfect for birthdays, meetings, team lunches and socials - you name it! The room comes with its own bar, shuffleboard, projector screen, games and tasting table and is also on the same floor as the toilets. Winner! Ideal for party sizes of 30-60 people. Got anything in mind?

Private Hire at Minster

Tank & Paddle Minster has had a recent refurbishment of it's back room t'anks to its growing popularity and it's now the perfect space for private hire from corporate functions to milestone events. The area leads off from the main bar and offers it's own private toilets, private bar, your own shuffleboard and games table. We have even put 2 more tanks in there and the opportunity to have your own exclusive entrance if needed. Ideal for party sizes of 100-160 people.

Weekend Hire

Super news! Both our venues are available for private hire over the weekend. If you are trying to plan an event for a bigger group then look no further! We have spaces that can accommodate groups from 50-550 people! Really competitive pricing, ideal central city locations, food that is guaranteed to be a crowd pleaser and a tank load of beer. We will help manage and host the event from start to finish so put your enquiry in the trusted hands of our brew crew today!

Let's Start Planning!